Apparently Viacom has filed legal action against nick reboot. This was done without any notice to me, the website operator (an email or something would have been nice - just saying). Thankfully I stumbled upon an article about it or I might never have found out. Who knows, maybe that was the intention.

This is the very first time I've heard anything from Viacom since starting this site back in 2012. Although nothing was ever communicated to me directly, I still take the allegations made against nick reboot very seriously. As such, I've decided to lock down access to the site in order to avoid causing further damage to the "Nickelodeon" brand.

I want to close with stating that nick reboot is not "malicious" and was never meant to be taken as such. I have the utmost respect for Viacom and the "Nickelodeon" brand and would have been more than willing to work with Viacom on this matter had I been contacted.


To clarify, yes: nick reboot is shutting down. I am working on closing the many systems that power this site and I appreciate your patience during this transition.

To the viewers: please show respect for all parties involved and let due process take its course.

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